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Akhanda Yoga

Yoga means union of mind, body and spirit.

Akhanda Yoga means whole, indivisible, infinite, oneness, and is a unified, joyful practice of balanced sequencing.

Akhanda Yoga offers students a diverse toolkit of techniques, including a balance of effort and allowing, lunar and solar practices, yin and yang, for physical and mental wellbeing, connecting you to your higher self.


The yoga session includes:

Asana - body postures;
Pranayama - breath work;
Philosophy - themed classes threaded throughout the practice, encouraging contemplation

All ages and abilities are welcome (sitting/chair yoga is available).

Saturday mornings

9am - 10:30am

(please arrive 10 minutes early to set up on your mat)

£12 per class

Blackheath Village Hall,

GU4 8RA.

Limited off-street parking is available.

Please park mindfully of residents.

You can also attend an online live Zoom session, held every Monday at 4:30pm - 5:45pm, at cost of £8 per class.

Alternatively you can receive a recording of the session (for up to one week afterwards) for the same cost.

To sign up, please email directly.

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I moved to the area 6 months ago and finding a yoga class was a priority. 

I feel so lucky to have found Sal, I love her teaching so much.

Each class is energising yet totally calming, and there's always something new to learn.

I am expanding my knowledge and the practice of yoga at every session, discovering so many different facets of yoga and doing a yoga type I had not done before.

Sal is an attentive and intuitive teacher who adapts her classes to the group and available energy, and she creates a safe and friendly environment to practice yoga and meet new people.

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Sal is far more than a yoga teacher.

The moment you meet her you will immediately notice her warmth and authenticity.

I travel quite a distance to attend her weekly yoga classes because it is the way I can reset my week and restore my energy.

Not only that, but Sal has woven together a wonderful community of people – our tribe – and together, with Sal’s guidance, we all support one another.

Sal is continually learning and sharing that wisdom with us, helping our bodies and our minds become stronger and more flexible as we brave the wilderness.  

Sal perfectly balances the eight limbs of yoga; focusing on the right technique in Asana and how to really listen to our bodies.

Having attended many different yoga classes throughout the years, I have finally come to understand how important it is to have knowledge in the other seven limbs in order to live a more balanced life.  

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I have been attending Sal's yoga classes for about a year now and have to say, she's absolutely amazing!
Sal definitely has 6th sense or maybe even 7th - she knows exactly what the class needs and follows our vibes. Every time I finish her class I'm thinking, "how did she know what I needed?" 

Sal is also one of the most kindness souls I have ever met, and her prices are very reasonable. She's mainly trying to help people and you can feel that that's her true reward.

She is honestly beautiful from in and out - we love you, Sal!



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