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Meditation Classes

Sangha means community, to "bring a group of people together".

The meditation groups I offer are a safe space for internal enquiry and complementary practice. They bring people together, creating a wonderful community of unconditionally loving and compassionate people.


In the busy modern world, we can find ourselves unbalanced. When our nervous system is activated, we can lose connection with our steady centre, forgetting that which is our true nature.


Now, more than ever it is vital to create time and space to just 'be' - to apply the brake on our over-active nervous systems, taking a pause to observe what is happening in the present moment and to compassionately enquire as to what is needed.


Through the practice of meditation, we begin to rest and digest, restore, renew and relax. We can develop and expand our awareness beyond our limiting thoughts, core beliefs and behaviours. We can further explore what serves good purpose in our lives and what does not.  


Through this practice - and it does take practise! - we move closer to living life from a space of 'Ahimsa' – non-violence, loving kindness and compassion towards ourselves, others, and the world in which we inhabit.


I have had a Sadhana – a daily practice – of yoga, pranayama, asana, meditation, mantra and study for 30 years, and have been running meditation groups for 26 years.

My meditations are on Insight Timer, recorded in the moment, unscripted but guided through my connection to consciousness. You can find them by clicking here.


Small classes held at The Willow Clinic

£15 per session

Thursday Morning (weekly)

10:30am - 12pm

Thursday Evening (weekly)

7:30pm - 9pm

Friday Morning (fortnightly)

10am - 11:30am

Wednesday Evening (monthly)

7pm - 8:30pm

Online Zoom session held live (and recorded) 

£10 per session

Friday Morning (fortnightly)

8:30am - 9:15am

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Sal has created a wonderful community, with several weekly meditation classes.

We all support each other in an authentic, loving place of care.

Lockdown was a challenging time for us all, and Sal invited us to meet on a daily basis, each morning on Zoom, to learn more about wellbeing, a discipline I found extremely helpful to focus on throughout difficult and uncertain times.

I am so pleased l have Sal at The Willow Clinic as my anchor. She has helped me to recognise a path to wellness is a daily process, one I am enjoying. Thank you.


sal flower.png


A very wise teacher once told me that when you find something that nourishes you, brings peace of mind and joy, it’s wonderful to share it with whoever might be interested.  

That person is Sal Worringham, whose meditation class I’ve been lucky enough to attend for many years now and I would love to shout from the rooftops just how much nourishment, peace and joy those classes bring!
Sal has the most extraordinary ability to not only listen with enormous sensitivity and compassion, but also to guide someone gently through extremely difficult life situations.  She achieves profound levels of deep healing in a very professional and personable manner.
Her meditation class has been a great support for me in so many different ways that help me to understand the myriad connections of mind, body and soul.  

Sal brings so much warmth, expertise and intuition every time - I return home feeling more empowered, refreshed and with a lighter spring in my step.

sal flower.png


Sal is a versatile, extraordinary spiritual teacher with her feet firmly on the ground.

Fun, compassionate and so generous with her vast knowledge, she has contributed massively to my personal and spiritual growth over the seven years I have been coming to her Thursday morning group and 121 sessions.
Thank you Sal for being such a shining light in our troubled world.

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