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Privacy Policy

Your confidentiality and privacy are important to us at The Willow Clinic.

Below is a complete account of how I use and store your personal information.

At the point of your initial contact with me I collect basic information:

Contact Email address
Phone number
Reason for you contacting me

You are then posted or emailed a Client Information Consent Form. This form asks for brief medical history, date of birth and information about your condition/injury that you have consulted me for.

Signing this form gives your consent and allows me to hold your personal data for the sole purpose of your treatment.

After each subsequent appointment I then add additional notes about your treatment, and any suggestions I have made to you.

All the information I hold on you is collected directly from you, or via the method you have used to contact me (email, telephone or via social media message services)

I use your data to help me document your treatment, and to refer to when you book an appointment.

I do not share any of your personal data with anyone.

I will correspond with you by telephone, email, online and by post.

By law I am obliged to store your client notes for 7 years after your last consultation, and for children 7 years after their 18th birthday.

Once this time has elapsed then I will destroy the files and delete any data I hold about you.

All of my notes are paper files only and these can be accessed by you, upon request at any time. I will endeavour to make them available to you within 14 days of your request.

All my files are held within a locked filing cabinet that only I have access to.

Contact information for you is held in my email provider Google Mail.

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Please contact me directly at if you have any questions or wish to request a copy of your notes.

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